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SNO Emergency Command and Control Solution

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 1633

-There’s no unified platform to deal with various public safety events, such as nature disaster, public events, serious accidents, etc.
- When the Emergency event occurs, first responders need comprehensive information to make quick, accurate decisions and coordinate operations
- Lack of interconnection between different isolated system covered related institution and it’s low efficiency
- In the event of a public emergency, pre-event prediction, in-event fast response and post-event archiving, analysis, are the key to avoid or reduce losses

Emergency Command and Control Solution is a comprehensive integrated ICT solution which can help government and public safety agencies to deal with various public safety events, such as nature disaster, public events, serious accidents, social security events, etc. and provide prevention and early warning, decision-making support, emergency management, command & dispatching, emergency evaluation functions. The solution aims to build prevention and early warning mechanism in non-emergency time and fast response mechanism in emergencies in order to minimize loss and ensure the safety of people’s lives and properties.

Emergency Command and Control Solution features include:
- Provide Video Surveillance System and capability of integration existing video system as a unified video platform
- Wired or wireless communication system integration such as digital trunking system integration, accessing PSTN/PLMN network
- Provide various event ticket receiving and handling Based on Next Generation Contact Center, such as voice calling, Sensor alarm, Video analysis alarm receiving
- Deal with different level event tickets via Computer Assisted Dispatch, and make fast decision based on emergency plan or decision through video conference
- Provide GPS and capability of integration existing GPS system, via GIS system it manages all emergency resource in “one-map”
- The command center with large screen and multi-functional agent seat to facilitates cross-department collaboration and improves emergency response efficiency
- Archive the multimedia records of event ticket , provide retrieval and statistic and analysis function

Customer Value
- Through the unified platform, to realize unified coordination and control of all levels of unit and resource with standard quick start emergency process, and set up the emergency response mechanism, timely command, dispatch and transmit the real-time information of event scene to the command center at any time
- Through the unified platform, all levels of emergency functional agencies can effectively implement the emergency plan, resource sharing, events, reporting, coordination, decision-making and emergency handling
- Through the wired , wireless communication and other alerts triggered by sensor or media intelligence analysis, to realize event receiving timely
- Through integrate video surveillance resources, expand the effective coverage for monitoring, and provide real-time, intuitive, comprehensive and unified image information.
- Through the “one-map” emergency management system, to realize the unified management of the emergency resource in the GIS map
- Through the data exchange and sharing system, to realize the rapid concentration of all kinds of information, using integrated emergency command system to achieve unified command and dispatching

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