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Integrated Surveillance Solution for Rail Industry

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 463
Challenges1. Monitoring and management systems for dispersed stations and maintenance divisions are separated from each other, and they don’t share resources at all.
2. Lack of information pool and unified emergency response & command.
3. No sharing or linkage among the standalone security, fire, equipment and environment data and video surveillance.
4. Lots of manpower is hired to make routine patrol of decentralized, remote and unattended sites.
5. Too many dead or blind corners of manual O&M, no real-time warnings, even no historical data for investigation after accidents.
6. Lack of supervision and traceability means to supervise the workflow of important positions.

SNO proposes an integrated surveillance solution for rail industry to ease customer minds. This solution supervises the entire process of train operation and dispatching, passenger and freight transport, and monitor power station and communication room; it also can provide railway interval disaster prevention for emergency response and command.
1. Integrate the acquisition, transmission, storage, process, share and guarantee of audio, videos and alarms.
2. Video, data and security are integrated and linked on one unified platform.
3. All IP and digital video technology, HD picture.
4. Support multi-level and disperse management.
5. Intelligent video analysis and auto alarm together to relieve labor intensity of on-duty men and reduce ignored monitoring.
6. Video synopsis technology to summarize one-day footage into minutes, satisfying rail companies who demand huge surveillance videos.
7. Monitoring the whole process of freight transport and maintenance etc.
8. Assist train dispatching based on the RFID and GIS.

Customer Benefits
1. Real-time visual operation to discover accident potentials and deal with them in no time.
2. Save resources and investments by sharing real-time information among different rails or different departments.
3. Security potential is minimized by standard cooperation among different departments who have access to same information.
4. Keep evidences to investigate afterwards and divide responsibilities.
5. Ensure the safety of the lives and property.
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