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SNO EyeTra Intelligent Transportation Management Solution

2019-03-02 SNO English Read 833

- Increasing motor vehicles cause heavy traffic congestion; traffic participants have widely varying levels of transportation law consciousness. the road transportation management work is harder and harder
-It is very hard to improve road traffic order and reduce potential road accident risks due to the traffic violation behaviors by solely relying on the limited police force and traditional work methods
- Lack the scientificmethod to monitor and record traffic violation behaviors automatically
- The traffic situations ,events and accidents need to be visual and generate the message information to inform the traffic participants timely
- Traffic analysis and optimization is impossible due to the shortage of regional traffic data, traffic congestion is therefore stuck in endless loop

SNO EyeTra is an integrated intelligent urban traffic management solution. It complies with traffic service infrastructure and management platform and ensures traffic safe, orderly and express. It under the existing road conditions, integrate intelligent traffic monitoring and control, business system management, transportation facility management as a whole. It is composed of Intelligent Traffic Command Center, video surveillance subsystem, LPR video check point subsystem, e-police subsystem, Urban Traffic Signal Control subsystem, Mobile enforcement System, Traffic Message Notice subsystem and Urban Traffic Signal subsystem. These subsystems provide functions including travelling event records (both violation and normal), HD video surveillance, red-light running records, traffic path planning, GIS, trace and blacklist arming, mobile law enforcement, electronic message board management and traffic signal control, etc…

Customer Value
- Our system is to crack down on traffic violations, normalize on-road orders and behave drivers, so less traffic accidents, safer travelling and more social benefits are predictable.
- Thanks to the useful traffic information provided by our system, drivers make most appropriate plans to save much travelling or congestion time; from another point of view, roads are capable of larger traffic flow and ecological pollution is comparatively less.
- Our centralized surveillance, HD road vehicle recording and traffic violation auto recording functions result in much economic benefits for traffic management.
- Suspicious vehicles are blacklisted and invisible in nowhere, as our system records their live time-space whereabouts.
- Our system provides data and reports for urban traffic analysis and optimization.
- Our visual surveillance, management and planning functions help design evacuation routes and deploy officials in case of emergencies, and express travelling passages in advance for VIP guests.

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